Visualization Workshop Hackathon Challenge

Announcing the Hackathon Challenge for the Visual Text Analytics and Social Science Workshop, to be held at Imperial College London and the London School of Economics, 24-25 March 2015.


  1. Download the contest corpus, which consists of the US Presidential candidate debates from the current election. These are available as:
  2. Produce a visualization from some analysis of any or all of the texts above. This is completely open-ended.
  3. Notify Nina McCullagh that you are coming and to get a slot on the contest presentation, and then show up at 4pm to the Hackathon Challenge presentations on 25 March (see schedule), prepared to make a 5 minute presentation of your visualization. In 5 minutes you should:
    1. present the visualization as a slide
    2. explain what it is meant to convey
    3. describe the tool(s) you used to produce it


The audience will vote on three criteria: informativeness; aesthetics; and technical prowess. Prizes will be awarded in each category and overall. All entries from consenting entrants will be posted on a website setup from the workshop.

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